jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Cusco cuisine to delight locals, tourists in food festival

Cusco, Apr. 14 (ANDINA). Cusco’s traditional dishes such as chiriuchu, capchi de setas and cuy al horno will delight locals and tourists at the Sabor Andino food festival to take place on April 17 in San Jeronmio district, Cusco.
This festival aims to revalue Cusco’s cuisine, identity and tradition and make it part of the regional economic development.
San Jeronimo Mayor Policarpo Ccorimanya pointed out that the women participating in this event were trained on the revaluation of agricultural products that are grown in this region.
In addition, attendees will be able to taste sweets and desserts made with kiwicha, quinoa and cañihua. “The entire preparation has an excellent presentation, flavor and hygiene  in accordance with the needs of those who will visit us,” the mayor noted.
In addition, Ccorimaya said that the festival expects to attract nearly 2,000 domestic and foreign tourists.

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