sábado, 30 de abril de 2011


A good guide, fun, outgoing, friendly and a cook to satisfy all your culinary questions on the mountain are two essential elements in the trek on the most powerful apu Cusco. But all this, there are always some doubts, and one of them has to do with food.
Is the food good in the mountains?, it was the question that came to me on my first trip to Ausangate, how about the food prepared on traditional way?
Well, it was a pleasant surprise, the best food I have eaten and not only was the food, was the environment, the company, landscape, nature. Now imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere, only Ausangate your right hand on your left all the way round, a beautiful landscape, behind you, a mountain range, a beautiful mountain, the beautiful Callangate. And in front of you a table set up especially for you, an invigorating soup and a spectacular main course , and finally, a refreshing beverage: lemonade, girl purple, passion fruit juice, etc ... You choose ...
Finally a walk on the sacred mountain of Cusco, Ausagante, the highest mountain in the region, the most powerful, the guardian of Cusco. Walk along its paths, see its beautiful lakes, rivers descending from the same mountain as if they were sources of life flowing from the sacred mountain in order to fertilize the soil, giving life on earth. That's the Ausangate trek, is a magical adventure, a magical feeling.

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